We’re only human, after all!

We’re only human, after all!

Nearly 4 years since Purity began and we have gone from strength to strength and grown in both size and confidence in that time.

On reflection, I’ve been thinking about one word which sums up that which makes us successful in what we do. Not an easy task when there are so many worthy words which clamour for attention.

“Dedication” springs to mind and there is no doubt that everyone at Purity is truly dedicated to the cause.

“Integrity” is another and whilst the integrity of the entire team could never be questioned, the word itself just doesn’t seem all encompassing enough.

“Professionalism” is also a notable contender, but I’m afraid professionalism alone doesn’t make us the intrepid fundraisers we are.

I’d also like to throw in a few others; Teamwork, attitude, respect, amazing bunch of people (yes, I know that’s not a single word, but I’m going to get it in there anyway!).

These would all be worthy winners, but the word I’ve chosen is “HUMANITY”.

Everything we do has sheer humanity about it.

 From those humans who need help most, to the supporters who enable the humanitarian charities to help them. From the negative impact on the environment by humanity, to the efforts of those humans who are attempting to reverse that disastrous effect by fundraising, supporting and campaigning for change.

In the middle of all this sit our fantastic fundraising team who fundraise with such absolute belief, professionalism and positivity. In just 4 years they will have raised over £30million for the causes we work with. 

Quite an achievement and all in the name of humanity.

The Dalai Lama once said “ Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive”.

Who could disagree.