Your Purity Journey

As passionate and experienced fundraisers we’ve worked on hundreds of charity campaigns. Wherever you are in your fundraising development, we’re here to help you create fully integrated fundraising programmes for your specific cause. From strategy to delivery, we can work with you to develop your programme from engaging new donors to building life-long committed supporter relationships.

Strategy and Planning

At Purity, we have earned a reputation for our sector leading results and top level client service because of the in depth strategy that we apply to every campaign we work on. Added to that is the experience we have gained from delivering hundreds of successful campaigns across every genre of charity – experience we can bring to our strategy in delivering the best results for your specific charity.

We believe it’s important to always look at improving what we do, which means supporting our partner charities in continuously building on their supporter intelligence. By digging deep into your data, previous and current campaign results, and supporter insight we help you develop and optimise your current and future campaigns and impact.

We will work with you to help develop your annual or multi year schedule of campaigns and provide detailed post campaign insight through our reviews which we have been told are the most indepth in the sector – these reviews go on to inform decisions on future campaigns meaning we are optimising every campaign we work on with you.

“We see Purity as partners who understand our strategy, and approach. They are a vital part of initial campaign planning and the development of onward supporter journeys. Their commitment to providing a high quality supporter experience help us to recruit engaged and committed members”

Tim Smart, Individual Giving Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust

“Purity offers us very experienced and professional account management. They never miss a reporting deadline and are always quick to reply on any query no matter how small. The team are skilled and their passion for delivering to our campaigns in an ethical way shines through in their approach.”

Integrated Multi-channel campaigns

We create, design and deliver bespoke supporter journeys that combine digital, email, telephone and SMS for enhanced supporter experiences and increased life span.

Designing an integrated and joined up supporter journey ensures that all communications are following the same theme and messaging. We look at how you can acquire and then develop a relationship with your supporters through each different channel of communication, taking them on a journey and building a stronger, more lasting relationship.

We provide the end to end journey for this with delivery, or we can create the supporter journey and equip you with everything you need to run the campaigns in-house.


Our internal telephone fundraising training programme is second to none, with a structured path to becoming a professional fundraiser through the coveted Purity Diploma.

We also offer a course for Charities who are looking to fundraise inhouse but don’t have the relevant experience or telephone fundraising knowledge to start.  We tailor a course for your team to cover everything you need to consider before picking up the phone. This will cover regularity compliance, who you can call, types of campaigns and call guide support.

From there we can train your fundraisers so they can call with confidence. We offer ongoing support once your internal calling starts, including ongoing mentoring and coaching, and carrying out Quality Assurance checks on your calls.

“We were launching our first in house telephone campaign and realised quite last minute that we needed some training for our callers. Purity stepped in and offered us a bespoke full day of training and were available afterwards for follow up. The training included role play exercises so our callers could practice what they had learnt and it was professionally delivered. Compliance and vulnerability training was also covered. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Purity to any charity who are looking for training!”

Vanessa Chang – Head of Individual Giving – CAFOD

“The team are skilled and their passion for delivering to our campaigns in an ethical way shines through in their approach”

Supporter Insight Capture

We speak with thousands of our clients’ supporters every week. The insight we get from this is invaluable and helps us strategically optimise campaigns for success.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know what your supporters think, what makes them support, what makes them stop, what made them choose your charity?

Purity offers bespoke insight capture for our clients.

We work with you to identify the type of insight that will be most useful to inform your future strategies and develop either a standalone insight campaign or integrate this into an existing telephone fundraising campaign. Results are put through our rigorous analysis to provide you with detailed and very specific feedback and insight straight from your supporters at volume.

We can also look at commissioning additional calling data for more widespread insight surveys that take you beyond your existing supporter base. We can take it from there to create and manage the process to obtain the current and real insights you are looking for.

Emergency Appeals and Contingency Planning

When a crisis hits, whether that’s a natural disaster, a manmade event or an economic recession, there will be times when your charity needs to launch an emergency appeal, fast and efficiently.

To help you get ahead of the game and save what can be critical time, we offer contingency planning for emergencies. We can work with you in advance to develop and set in place everything you need to ‘switch on’ an emergency appeal within 24 hours. This includes a template call guide ready to be customised for the specific campaign, with a team ready and waiting to manage your data and begin calling on your behalf.

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