The power to make a difference.

The power to make a difference.

It always seems to me that the popular conception of power is a bit misconstrued.

What is true power after all?

Usually we associate power with strength, yet true strength is admitting our weaknesses.

Power is more often than not associated with wealth and influence, yet historically the people who have made the most difference seek not wealth, but have had the power to change the world for the better…….  Gandhi, Mother Theresa and my Dad spring to mind.

I know it probably seems a bit preposterous to place my Dad next to the other two, but in my mind, he deserves to be there.

He also never sought to be wealthy but had a dogged determination to make lives better for those around him.

I suppose my point is; No matter who you are or where you sit within the great scheme of humanity, you can make a positive difference to someone’s life.

That’s exactly what we believe at Purity Fundraising….  If we can help change just one person’s life for the better, then we have achieved something very worthwhile.

In fact, we have now raised over 30 million pounds for the great causes we work with, so in a very humble and life affirming way, we feel that we can continue to change the lives of those who haven’t had the same opportunities as we have.

Are we proud to be a fundraiser…… you bet we are!