Purity: 4 years on and some exciting developments!

Purity: 4 years on and some exciting developments!

We are about to celebrate our fourth birthday and I am so excited to officially relaunch Purity with our new look and new services in Consultancy and Digital to add to the telephone and broaden our support for our charity clients. 

Sitting in my home office writing this 15 months after the pandemic began is not something I would have ever imagined – I think we all thought it would blow over within a few months and everything would be back to normal. The reality is so very different, and I know, for us at Purity, things have had to change beyond anything we could have anticipated and changed for good. 

We now have fundraisers working across the country rather than just in Brighton and our office/home working status has now permanently changed to a combination of office based and remote. While initially I was concerned about what this would mean for our team and culture, our unique systems keep us compliant and connected, while we can be more representative, diverse and inclusive.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is our quest to keep providing the very best quality fundraising, and I’m delighted to share that we’ve now raised over £30 million for our amazing charity partners since we started out. 

It’s four years since we broke onto the scene at breakneck speed back in 2017, with huge ambitions to be the best telephone fundraising agency on the block, encouraging and supporting the highest quality fundraising across the sector. It’s the mission that’s at our core and drives us still.

Our ambitions above that were set out around ethics, team culture and being supporter centric in everything we do. And boy, has it stood us in good stead as we’ve pulled together to create something I believe is really special in Purity. 

Our first 4 years has been eventful and busy thanks to the support of our charity partners. We’ve evolved as a fundraising agency – we started initially with just donor development calls, but very quickly we started digital acquisition campaigns and that has become something of a Purity speciality with our fundraisers enjoying both the calls and the success rates. 

We’ve not stopped there, we now call for all types of campaigns, from upgrades and cash gifts to lotteries and legacies.  And importantly, throughout the pandemic we’ve also honed our skills in ground-breaking non-financial campaigns; those that check-in with supporters to make sure they’re ok, to re-engage them with the cause, to listen to them and capture valuable insight and consents for the future.  It’s been a learning curve for us and our clients in just how vital these calls can be to the supporter journey and long-term loyalty. 

The knowledge and experience of our team, who have worked on so many different campaigns, with so many different types of charities, has also enabled growth in other ways to meet our clients needs, developing the advice we offer, the training programmes we’ve created and the data analysis we provide to our charities. We support through strategy and planning, advising on targeting and compliance, and supporting the development of truly integrated multi-channel supporter journeys. 

So, as we reach our birthday, I am so excited to officially relaunch Purity with a new look and new services. Our ethos of “Quality and Integrity” remain the same and the promises we made at the very start to stick to our mission of providing the best fundraising possible continue to inform who we are and how we work with our charity partners.  We are already working on end-to-end Digital campaigns and designing full supporter journeys and we can’t wait to build on this into the future.  

Team wise, I am delighted to welcome David McGregor to the Purity team to head up our new Digital division and also delighted to confirm Sinead Costello in the Client Services Director role and Dan Scholfield as Client Director – both Sinead and Dan have been with us since the start of Purity and I am thrilled to see their progression, and also so confident of their success in their new roles.

As always, I have to thank the whole Purity team for their dedication, resilience and continued commitment to quality, especially over the last fifteen months. The fallout from which is still very evident and I know we aren’t out of the woods just yet, but we are all looking forward to be meeting up (hopefully) for an outdoor social summer party in August (rules permitting). I personally can’t wait to celebrate being in one place with our charities and the best team I could ever hope to work with and celebrating their awesomeness! 


Do check out the new look Purity www.purityfundraising.com !