Investing in our greatest asset gives us reason to be proud fundraisers

Investing in our greatest asset gives us reason to be proud fundraisers

Well, here we are during a time the likes of which none of us could ever have imagined, we’re just approaching our third birthday and we’ve now raised over £20million for our charities!

I’m proud to be able to say that we met the challenges of the coronavirus lockdown head on, with most of our fundraisers fully equipped to work from home before the first week was out, enabling us to rally for our charities and the sector when it was most needed. And, since that first week, we’ve gone further – almost doubling our size to meet demand with the recruitment of more than 50 new telephone fundraisers, so we can support even more great causes.

I’m also proud to say we’ve seen some truly incredible results in the past four months especially, helping us reach that momentous milestone of £20m raised to date.

We couldn’t have achieved this without our people. The last months have really emphasised what an incredible team we have here at Purity. Amongst all the upheaval and uncertainty, our fundraisers adapted quickly to the challenges of working from home, and to the need for extra care and sensitivity when talking to the public, with an unwavering focus on Purity’s mantra for great call quality throughout. I can’t thank them enough.

It’s been wonderful then to see the results of our most recent staff survey. Three-quarters responded, with the overwhelming majority saying that they enjoy their job and feel supported in their role. What’s particularly wonderful to see in such a time of uncertainty and challenge is that even more now feel supported in their jobs than in our last survey: an average 4.56 out of 5, up from the previous 4.34.

In fact, our scores have risen across the board, with more staff now feel that we listen and respond when there are issues, that we live by our stated values and ethics as a business, that we care about their welfare as an employee and that we value them. Across all questions, Purity received an amazing 4.47 out of five.

Why this is so heartening is because, as with any organisation, our people are our greatest asset. By believing in our charities and their causes and representing them to everyone they speak to with such commitment and dedication, our team enable them to continue changing the world we live in for the better. And because they are so fundamental to what we do, we invest fully in them – through our recruitment, our training, and our care.

We know that great results can only come from a culture that is supportive and inclusive of fundraisers from all walks of life, all genders, ages, ethnicities and abilities who are managed well, trained well, and invested in as part of the fabric of the organisation. This is why we have always focused so deeply on getting all of this right within a holistic and positive workplace culture, and why we will continue to do so, whatever the world throws at us!

We really are one team. So thanks again to Team Purity for making everything we’ve achieved happen.

Helen Mackenzie, Founder and CEO, Purity Fundraising