At Purity, We Love Our Policies

At Purity, We Love Our Policies

I was privileged to be asked to present a policy writing session to one of our valued clients recently. It went very well and was received with appreciation and enthusiasm. It also underlined the importance of having an infrastructure in place which supports, empowers and enables the various areas of a business to work together to achieve a common goal.

What it also did for me was to get me thinking about how important it is that all the different aspects of any business come together cohesively to represent that business as a whole. When I associate that thought process to Purity Fundraising, it really does resonate with why we are so successful at what we do.

I’m realistic, and realise that not everyone will share the same enthusiasm for policies and all things compliance, but a good set of policies and a strident approach to compliance underpins the ethics and values of any organisation. Without this structure in place, it means that there is no clear definition of commitment to doing what is right for not only our business, but for all those we represent and with whom we collaborate.

Everyone who works at Purity seems to share the same values on a personal level which transfer to everything we strive for as a group of people with shared goals and an elevated sense of ambition to do the best we can for our partners. They can be confident that there is a structure in place to deal with any circumstance which may arise, which can only strengthen their feeling of being supported across all areas of our fundraising operation.

I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with a group of colleagues who go about their work with such honesty, integrity and, above all, such an ability to succeed. Fundraising can be a challenge, but these challenges are far outweighed by the sense of satisfaction that our efforts have contributed to changing someone’s life for the better.