So you’re finally GDPR ready, what’s next?

Telephone Fundraising of course.

Congratulations the day is finally here. The arrival of new data protection legislation is surely being met with joy throughout the land (at the very least our inboxes are a little lighter both professionally and personally).

For Purity Fundraising our first 9 months in business have been proudly spent helping our clients become GDPR ready, we’ve completed incredible telephone consent campaigns and invested significantly in quality to protect our clients’ supporters. With our help our clients were able to retain as much of their database as possible.

Whether you are basing your marketing strategy on consent or legitimate interests the last few years have shown us that supporters deserve the very best fundraising you can provide. Time previously spent on GDPR could now be spent on looking forward to the next innovation in fundraising.

It might come as a surprise, but innovation and telephone fundraising have always gone hand in hand. How many communication tools offer you such an immediate connection with your supporters? Telephone fundraising can be the ultimate focus group.

As charities look to replace their depleting donor bases, phone is being utilized in exciting ways by our clients.

Acquisition campaigns now account for 40% of Purity’s portfolio and we are close to achieving our 4000th acquisition pledge – pretty good going in 9 months.

Some of the things that make our approach so special:

  • Recruitment. Just 2% of candidates make it on to our phone room floor.
  • The Team. Our fundraisers are truly professionals with an average 3 and a half years fundraising experience and an average age of 39.
  • Training. Our training program is unique in the sector and it’s one of our key investments areas (check out our next blog for a sneak peek at some of our recent trainings)
  • Relationships. We build authentic relationships with everyone we work with from employees to clients to (most importantly) supporters.
  • Testing. Purity encourage our clients to test new ideas, in the current climate focus isn’t on volumes but testing to find the right approach.
  • Multi-Channel. Developing a phone product along side the rest of the recruitment journey be it digital, direct mail, SMS, DRTV or face to face.
  • Supporter engagement. This can happen in totally new ways, for example sending a 360 degree video link via SMS to talk to supporters about on the phone.
  • Confidence. We will always tell you if we think you’ve got it wrong. We’ve recently discouraged 2 clients from going ahead with campaigns to find more cost effective approaches.

Now really is the time to give phone a go, either for the first time or in a new way. Whatever your idea big or small let’s find a way to make it work.

Amanda Froude Evans | Client Services Director