Purity launch new training programme and diploma

Purity launch new training programme and diploma

As Purity excels and grows, the time seems right to upgrade our training programme to ensure that the quality and values of our business continue to exceed all expectations.

Our stringent recruitment process means that only 2% of candidates interviewed make it through to training, with a high percentage of these already having had experience in the fundraising sector. This program is designed to help them maximise their potential and enable them to flourish and become first rate fundraisers.

Through a network of continual support, coaching and mentoring, Purity are able to achieve the highest level of quality second to none in the sector. The quality of the training and support, both initially and continually throughout a fundraisers career with us, are key to maintaining these high levels of delivery in all aspects of our fundraising.

We are now launching a complete 360⁰ training, coaching and mentoring programme which lays out our full commitment to supporting our fundraisers throughout their career with Purity. This also underlines our commitment to our clients to ensure, that our levels of service in terms of quality and excellence are not reduced during periods of growth in the business….. but what does that really mean?

Lets just take you on a new fundraisers journey……….

Once initially successful, you will then attend the Fundraising Academy, after successful completion of which, you will be starting your Purity career as a Trainee Fundraiser. You have already gained the skills to make a call, have an understanding of compliance and know what it means to be a Purity fundraiser.

However, the journey has only just begun. You will be supported with further training, coaching and mentoring from a team of fundraising coaches and mentors with more than 50 years of collective experience. We have further bolstered the coaching team by introducing a pod of fundraising coaches. These are highly experienced senior fundraisers who still spend some time on the phone, so can pass on relevant, up to the minute knowledge to the rest of the team. Purity have laid down a clear pathway of progression from the time you arrive, passing probation and officially gaining a Purity Fundraising Diploma.

Gaining this Diploma demonstrates to us and our clients that the fundraiser has reached specified standards. These standards encompass not just results, but also define a clear grasp of our values, ethics and attitude when it comes to the respect of the supporters we engage with. We can’t stress enough the importance of this, which we identify as being a huge part of our success.

The journey doesn’t just end with their Diploma. We have fundraisers who have being doing this for years and everyone needs ongoing coaching and support from time to time. They also need refresher training on a regular basis and this is specified in our training programme.

The aim was to create a culture where ongoing coaching is both accepted and expected and this has proved to be popular with fundraisers who regularly ask for support if they are having a particularly tough day or struggling with a certain campaign. It isn’t taken as a weakness to ask for support and coaching, training and mentoring is seen to be a way of support, rather than criticism.

As well as in house training and mentoring, clients are encouraged to hold regular sessions with fundraisers to ensure that they are fully engaged and informed – this bolsters their day to day training and means that there is a real engagement with the charity and their specific cause.

The overall effect of this is a team who are confident in their abilities and feel supported in their careers. They know what is expected and they are also clear about what is required for them to move further up in the organisation with a clear path for those who are looking for advancement.

This new training programme is being rolled out to all our new starters. All existing fundraisers will be measured against the criteria for obtaining the Diploma and should they not reach the benchmark standard , will be given additional training to enable them to make the improvements they need to get there.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is one of our most important values and the foundation on which we base our company. Our sector is full of wonderful people and our team here at Purity are amazing. I want to ensure we support them and support the sector by delivering the highest quality fundraising possible….. and yes,we shout about it because this sector needs to shout about the positives that are happening. It hugely outweighs any negatives we hear about – so lets be loud and proud about working in an environment of quality and excellence….. lets celebrate our amazing fundraisers who raise millions each and every year!

Our new training program is being launched officially in July 2018 – if you are interested in talking to us about this and how we can work with your charity, then please do get in touch.